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New Mailboxes sold in Bellevue, WA

Proudly servicing King, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

Single Residents
Pinnacle and Pinnacle Plus are both the same sizes, however the Pinnacle Plus model offers the additional security of being made with a 3/16" thick aluminum plate. This makes them dent proof and baseball bat resistant. This is three times thicker than most other locking mailboxes.
Price: 160.00*
Price: 210.00*
Price: 185.00*
Pinnacle-Plus Supreme
Price: 235.00*
Mailbox On White Fence - Security Safe & Lock Inc in Bellevue, WA
*Pricing is for pick up in our Bellevue showroom or drop ship to your location from the factory. Discounts available on quantities. 2-5 boxes @ 5% and 6-19 boxes @ 10%. 20 plus boxes please call special pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do all the mailboxes have US Mail lettering on the front doors?
A: As of February 2001, the United States Postal Service requires all approved locking mailboxes to have the US Mail lettering on the front doors.
Q: If the mailbox is locked, then who keeps the key?
A: You are the only one who will have a key to the mailbox.
Q: Are your mailboxes able to handle outgoing mail?
A: Even though the Postmaster highly recommends that you do not use your mailbox for outgoing mail, the Pinnacle mailboxes are able to handle outgoing mail.
Q: How large can a package be, and still fit inside the mailbox opening?
A: Packages can be as large as phone books, pills bottles, and videos, etc.
Q: Why do you use aluminum?
A: Aluminum is used to provide longer durability in our products. Unlike steel, aluminum will never rust. The Pinnacle Plus line of mailboxes are made of 3/16" aluminum steel, making them just as vandal resistant as steel mailboxes in the market today.
Q: Will the mailman also have a key as well?
A: No, only you will have a key to the mailbox.
Q: Can I mount the mailbox on my existing post?
A: Yes. Our mailboxes will easily mount on any existing standard post.
Q: What do mail carriers think about The Pinnacle locking mailboxes?
A: Mail carriers have constantly complimented the design of our Pinnacle mailboxes. They are most impressed with the large opening that allows them to place a large bundle of mail with just one motion.
Q: What is powder coating?
A: Powder coating is an environmentally safe "dry" painting process that actually bakes a paint coating on at 600 Fahrenheit to provide a long lasting, durable coat finish for years.
Q: What does the "Powder Coated Tuff" logo mean?
A: The logo is for manufacturers who have met certain quality criteria concerning the powder coating process of their respective products.
Q: Are your locking mailboxes really baseball bat-proof?
A: There are no mailboxes completely baseball bat-proof, but the Pinnacle Plus line of mailboxes has been reinforced with 3/16" aluminum plating to withstand the swing of a baseball bat.
Q: Will mail carriers have a problem with my new locking mailbox?
A: To this day, no mail carrier has refused to deliver mail to any of our customers using a Pinnacle mailbox. Our Pinnacle mailboxes have been US Postmaster approved.